Get to know our host - Cooper Washington

Show Host, Cooper Washington
Cooper Washington, a native to San Diego, is a graduate summa cum laude, from the Communication & Media Studies course at prestigious Columbia University. Cooper has a passion for the newest technological developments and ideas both on and off set. Also a natural host, Cooper has anchored STARTUP365 from the show’s birth. His deep knowledge and love of the latest developments from the hi-tech world are reflected with his very confident understanding and explanation of an endless variety complex, cutting edge industries during every episode.

Starting his career as an intern on PBS, Cooper Washington rose through the ranks in a variety of behind-the-scenes roles, picking up hands-on skills, knowledge and understanding of the television and media industry. Eventually wanting to make his name in front of the camera, Cooper had his big break presenting, “100 Gadgets that Changed the World”, and was quickly recruited to be the anchor of STARTUP365.

Cooper Washington has been the STARTUP365 Host since the show first aired in 2010

Cooper Washington’s expertise has been tapped into as a guest on such shows at ‘Tech Stars’, ‘We Mean Business’, ‘Bobby G. Venture Capitalist’ and ‘BBC - International Edition’, amongst many others. He is most recognizable and very much at home, on STARTUP365.

Away from Television
Cooper Washington does much of his own research for the show, attracting the brightest best young innovators to STARTUP365. On a personal note Cooper spends most of his quality time with his wife of fourteen years, Angela, and their three children, Caitlin, Christopher and Sophia. The Washington family can often be found vacationing in the great American outdoors of New England.