Eight Considerations on creating a Startup

By Jon Milbar - Published July 23,2016 - STARTUP365

The internet makes it possible for virtually anyone to develop a startup regardless of where they are around the globe. However, there are some important factors each entrepreneur, or developer, should consider before choosing a city to launch their business. Here are some tips gathered by successful entrepreneurs on the most important things to figure out.

1. Who do you know?
It is extremely vital to think about who you might know in that place that can help connect you with the relevant people in that city.

2. Startup Culture
While startups can be developed everywhere, selecting a city that has a startup culture will more than likely be home to business incubators, investors and networks of like-minded individuals who can help you grow your business.

3. Networking Opportunities and Events
Make sure you are going to a place where you will have the chance to attend networking events so you can introduce yourself and meet new people in the city.

4. Lifestyle
Setting up your business is just as important as establishing your life. Before making a move, be sure to investigate the culture and ensure it fits with how you want to live your life.

5. Cost of Living
Rent, food and utilities are all costs that add up and require money so make sure they are on the affordable side.

6. Local Laws
Business laws tend to vary between countries, and sometimes even cities and regions. You should check out things like local tax rates, hiring laws, zoning ordinances, and economic development incentives before you choose your final destination.

7. Research Local Customer Bases
The best way to grow your business is via a tight-knit group of local advocates who will generate a buzz through word of mouth. It will therefore be much easier to make your first step in the market if it already includes your ideal customers.

8. Find the Clients
If you’re looking to build relationships with big brands just so that you can establish your name and reputation, make sure you are going into a city where big brands have offices.