The Three Best Industries for Startups

By Jill Navarro - Published June 15 , 2016 - STARTUP365

The Three Best Industries for Startups

Startups are becoming increasingly common. There has been a documented rise in the number of sole proprietor businesses in the last few decades. The internet has revolutionized the way we launch, market and run small, new businesses. Arguably, it is easier than it’s ever been before to launch a startup. But it is also a well-known fact that a staggeringly high number of new startups do fail. So what are the best industries for startups? Where in the market is there demand and scope for a new company to really grow and prosper, so that ‘newbies’ to the business world can avoid early disappointment?

According to Forbes, the new companies with the fastest rate of growth are online shopping and retail ventures, in other words, e-commerce. The rate at which people are relying on the internet for their purchases is rapidly expanding; trust, speed, reliability and security are all available to even the smallest businesses. In today's globalized world, it is not just local markets either – vendors can sell to customers from all over the world and have products shipped easily, and relatively cheaply, to almost anywhere. With a large and still growing market out there of people looking to buy online, it is unsurprising that this sector is the best for new businesses.

The sector you are next most likely to find success as a startup, is software publishing. Software publishers develop and market software. Often these companies fill the gap between the developer and the distributer and sometimes will incorporate the duties of all both these areas. Software publishers are usually responsible for market research, the production and distribution of their software. For those with the technical know-how, this is one of the best areas in which to start a business.

Finally, the third best industry for new startups is Computer Systems Design and related services. The technological advances made in the last decades have led to a huge demand for expertise in related services. From software and hardware design, the testing and development of such technologies, to the on-site management and running of a client's IT operation… this sector continues to grow with startups in this field enjoying more than a 15% growth in sales in the last 12 months alone.