Why more People are choosing to start their own Business

By Brian Hogan - Published June 10 , 2016 - STARTUP365

More opportunity, more freedom, more money… Here's why it's never been better for entrepreneurs and startups.

Across the world the number of new startups is growing. More and more people are opting for the entrepreneurial route and starting up their own business, or alternatively they are joining young companies still in the startup phase. The appeal of working in this environment is understandable: Become a 'bigger fish in a smaller pond', less bureaucracy and limitations, more possibilities...

What's more, many business graduates these days seeking to climb the corporate ladder in traditional blue chips and larger companies, find that the ladder starts to get very full of people around half way up, causing many careers to level off at mid-management. Starting up your own company or joining a small business is becoming an increasingly preferable alternative.

But most importantly, launching your own startup is now easier than ever before.

It's less risky. Today, for many startup industries, you need little more than a computer, and internet connection and the relevant skill set. The initial financial outlay is a fraction of what it once was. The cost of your computer, compared to 20 years ago is phenomenally lower. No need to print out business cards or paper advertising. Free social networking, cheap online advertising, websites that will give you extensive stats and analysis… the huge range of free or very cheap resources available on the internet is remarkable and makes it much less risky to start your own business venture.

It's become the social norm. Working for yourself is no longer the 'alternative' option. For a growing proportion of graduates and tradesmen alike, it’s the preferable option. With fewer financial risks and easier exposure, networking and communication through the internet, it is often the logical and fastest way to kick off your career. The social taboo of being behind a failed business is fading. People are less scared to start up a new venture, especially when larger corporations today seem no longer able to offer the unparalleled levels of job security that they once could.

So too has it become easier to source funds. Venture Capital companies are thriving. Private investors are also increasingly aware of and open to the opportunities now open to them. In a world where it is no longer a huge shame and humiliation to fail at a new business, the environment is ripe, the resources are there... now is the time to start your own business.