7. Carwow – UK


Founder: James Hind

Carwow, yet another UK top ten finalist, is a platform for buying new cars from franchise dealers. It uses the reverse marketplace model to remove the need for buyers to negotiate with car sellers - users choose the car they would like to buy, along with the various specifications and features, then receive offers direct from dealers. It also provides information to prospective purchasers and gives feedback on rogue dealers.

Car purchase is definitely one of the aspects that touch almost everyone’s life at some point. Many experience a great deal of concern when they purchase their car. Carwow, reaches the 7th place in the competition due to their ability to remove many of the concerns people face when looking to buy a car, while giving back to people their biggest power as consumers. After house buying, the purchase of a car is usually the most costly asset and peace of mind for purchases, as well as a platform for honest dealers, is a clear win-win.

The site is free to use and reportedly provides an average saving of £3,000 for the consumer. Dealers pay a fixed fee for each car sold. The company claims to be completely unique in Europe and plans to expand into the continent into commercial vehicles, used cars and vans. The company has partnered with the RAC as part of RAC Cars' ‘search, buy, sell’ website.

Carwow is known for its superb car-buying experience for users. It removes the usual hassle people face when they want to buy a car. They put the customer at the forefront of the product, allowing them to enjoy a good service whereby the dealers get to work to earn them as a customer.

Carwow, also prechecks manufactures and also publishes manufacturer-approved dealers with reviews and ratings from Cracow buyers, allowing the customer to feel confident about their purchase