8. Huddle – UK


Founder: Alistair Mitchell

Huddle is a cloud-based collaboration service that enables enterprise and government organizations worldwide to securely store, access, share, sync and work on files with everyone they need to - regardless of whether they are inside or outside of an organization's firewall.

With a strong emphasis on security, Huddle ensures businesses can manage the flow of sensitive documents both internally, and externally with clients. They are also able to create branded clients portals to manage projects, allow remote teams to collaborate seamlessly and safely, and meet all regulatory compliance data governance requirements. In a world that is more and more security-focused, Huddle takes online defence to the next level, enabling and therefore encouraging collaboration among friendly nations in order to fight the next threat together.

This is how Huddle managed to secure its 8th place in the competition. Allowing companies across many countries and platforms to share confidential and sensitive documents, while maintaining a high level of security, which will give them the peace of mind they require to use such an efficient process.

Built to support the needs of today's workforce, Huddle is focused on secure, external collaboration. The service brings together the entire business network of partners, colleagues, clients and contractors into one central online environment where they can work together effectively on content from wherever they are, via whatever device they’re using – PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Huddle is used by more than 100,000 organizations worldwide, including high profile companies such as: AKQA, Kia Motors, Williams Lea, Grant Thornton, National Grid,  Keolis, Go-Ahead Group, Driscoll’s, Beats By Dre and Panasonic Europe. The company also has strong government credentials and is used by 80% of the central UK government departments, including the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Energy & Climate Change, and the Cabinet Office.