3. Liquiproof - UK


Founder: Caner Veli

Liquiproof continuously develops innovative products that offer protection from the little spills and accidents that occur in people’s day-to-day busy, active lives. Liquiproof’s unique value proposition lies in its ability to remove stains from fabric shoes. The devastating effect of dropping something on a fabric is something most people have experienced at some point in their lives, and is therefore highly relatable. Stretching their solution to solve this pressing issue is how they managed to secure the ‘bronze medal’, or 3rd place in the competition.

Caner Veli, the Liquiproof founder, was fed up with his shoes and trainers getting ruined by the weather and accidental spills. He looked for something that could help but didn't have much luck. He wanted something that actually worked, was affordable, easy to apply and lasted longer than two weeks. He knew of other hydrophobic sprays on the market but these contained harmful substances and left a white residue on the surface. Nothing lived up to his requirements. After a long period of research and development, Liquiproof was created and currently aims to protect footwear with Liquiproof Footwear Protector.

Liquiproof coatings have been specifically designed to help keep surfaces clean, dry and stain free. The versatile coatings are highly water repellent – liquids simply bead up and roll off. It bonds to each individual fibre of the surface, creating an invisible, long lasting protection. Surfaces remain breathable and look and feel exactly the same as untreated surfaces.

Liquiproof waterproofing spray helps keep surfaces dry by creating an invisible superhydrophobic coating using nanotechnology. Unlike other Superhydrophobic sprays which leave behind a white residue.

Liquiproof protected surfaces are helped to remain dry and free from moisture without effecting the breathability or flexibility of the surface. Garments remain cleaner and easier to care for and ultimately stay looking good for longer. Antimicrobial, anti-graffiti, stain proofing, acid and base resistance are all possible benefits.