10. Mixpanel – CA, USA


Founders: Suhail Doshi & Tim Trefen

Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform for mobile and web. It helps businesses grow by helping them understand how their users behave and use their products by tracking actions people take rather than page views. Mixpanel's mission is to help the world learn from its data.

For taking app analytics to a whole new level, Mixpanel takes 10th place. Their ability to simplify the app analytics process is second to none. They offer an easy process that enables companies worldwide to track customer behavior behavior across mobile and web in conjunction with each other. It does so through a segmentation tool which simplifies queries by visualizing the questions businesses want to ask. This removes the need for companies to use complex SQL codes which are meaningless to most except that engineers while still enabling customers acquire the information they need regarding their customer base.

It tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and offers tools for targeted communication with them. Its toolset contains in-app A/B tests and user survey forms.  Collected data is used to build custom reports and measure user engagement and retention.  Mixpanel works with web applications, in particular SaaS, but also supports mobile apps.  As of April 2013, Mixpanel claimed to track 48 billion actions per month for its customers.

It gives businesses the ability to answer pressing business questions such as how app users invite their friends, which Google Adwords campaign gives the most playing users and how points are distributed amongst people who play a certain game.

Additionally, Mixpanel is built on a simple SDK which can be installed on every major platform including mobile. This literally enables their customers to get started within 10 minutes.