6. OpenDNS – CA, USA


Founder: David Ulevitch

OpenDNS is a company and service which extends the Domain Name System (DNS) by adding features such as phishing protection and optional content filtering  to traditional recursive DNS services.

OpenDNS has truly earned its 6th. This is largely attributed to the strong combination of their various security features, making their clients, mostly large businesses – safe from malware and attacks.

The company hosts a cloud computing security product suite, 'Umbrella', designed to protect enterprise customers from malware, botnets, phishing, and targeted online attacks. The OpenDNS Global Network processes an estimated 60 billion DNS queries daily from 50 million active users connected to the service through 24 data centers worldwide.

The OpenDNS platform is based upon a few key pillars that aim to create the ultimate protection. These include: security enforcement, security intelligence, web filtering, security for MSP and enhanced DNS.

  • OpenDNS not only blocks malware, botnets and phishingover any port, protocol or app, but also detects and contains advanced attacks before they can cause damage.

  • OpenDNS Security Graph automates protection against known and emergent threats by analyzing a cross-section of the world’s Internet activity to identify infrastructure being staged before an attack is launched.

  • OpenDNS protects devices anywhere and stays up-to-date without administrative intervention because there is no hardware to install or software to maintain

  • Using OpenDNS’s APIs, you can programmatically convert local threat detection from your existing systems into cloud-delivered global threat prevention.

  • The OpenDNS Global Network handles more than two percent of the world’s Internet requests daily with 100 percent uptime.