2. Qualtrics – UT, USA


Founder: Ryan Smith

Qualtrics is a private research software company, based in Provo, Utah.

Qualtrics software enables users to do many kinds of online data collection and analysis including market research, customer satisfaction and loyalty, product and concept testing, employee evaluations and website feedback. Qualtrics offers a breakthrough in providing businesses with superb tools to provide all their research needs in one simplified format. They also take on the role of educating businesses on the importance of research to their business success. This is what has wom Qualdrics its very close-run and extremely commendable, 2nd place in the competition.

Listening to customers has always been important but these days it can be a business maker or breaker. Qualdrics takes the importance of market research to a different level. It provides a solution that allows companies to conduct research and analyze results quickly in all aspects they should investigate. The core platform is split into specific product offering, making it easier for companies to conduct a deep analysis in each spectrum affecting its operations. This includes employees, customers and platforms.

It enables text analytics, advanced website targeting, mobile, offline and SMS surveys. Additionally, its functionality extends to add targeting and other marketing optimization features.

With the importance of research growing exponentially worldwide, companies have begun to recognize their business success or failure can be determine d by how and if they conduct the research.

Qualtrics is as simple as it gets to setup and smart enough to fit in with any existing systems. Any changes can be configured with just a few simple clicks. In 2012, the company received a $70 million investment from Sequoia Capital and  Accel Partners, the largest joint investment to date by these two firms.

Quantitative statistical analysis performed with Qualtrics is cited in a number of professional and academic journals and books.